Company Profile

Full Name:游族网络股份有限公司


Abbreviation:YOOZOO Games

Stock Code:002174

Legal Representative:Lin Qi

Secretary of the Board:Xu Bin

Registered Capital (million):RMB 888.4679




Q: Could you provide the basic information about YOOZOO Games?

A: YOOZOO Games Co., Ltd. (SZ.002174), was founded in 2009. It is a casual gaming and interactive entertainment company which specializes in R&D, global publishing, and related product operation and development.

Q: When did YOOZOO Games Co., Ltd change its stock abbreviation?

A: YOOZOO Games changed its stock abbreviation to "YOOZOO Games" on June 5, 2014.

Q: In which stock exchange are YOOZOO Games stocks traded, and what is the company's stock code?

A: YOOZOO Games is traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The code is 002174.

Q: What are YOOZOO Games' operating principles?

A: Our operating principles are: love gaming, love users, and create products with love; cherish business opportunities, keep passionate about gaming, and explore players' true demands; care for players as we care for our family, friends, and classmates; give players practical rewards and work with players to create exceptional games.

Q: What are YOOZOO Games' management principles?

A: We emphasize self-restraint and self-realization; we promote full respect and trust among colleagues and seek to provide employees with a positive environment and opportunities for development; everything you do and every conversation you have represents your "credit life" within the company; be strict with yourself and liberal with others, and join hands along the path of growth to maximize the our value.

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